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Quote and meet the Pets

No Charge - Contact Us for a quote and organise your free no obligation interview to meet you and your pets

Service Visit Fee to feed 1 pet

On each visit as well as giving your pets a play we also change pet's water, feed them, do a security check of your property, empty letterbox & take out wheelie bins when required. We also keep a Pet Diary of your pet's wellbeing and leave a copy for you.

Our visits are not timed. We stay with your pet as long as it takes to make sure they are happy & comfortable.

$33 - includes GST, litter trays & a play

No surcharge for Public holidays, Easter or Christmas Day.

No cancellation fees if 48 hour notice given & the entire booking cancelled. We give money back not just credit. However should you choose to come back early, no refund or credit will be given.

Feed more than 1 pet

$11 per additional pet, cage or enclosure

Overnight stay in your home

Please enquire

Personalized Pet Care where your dog stays with a family

This service is booked out. Unable at this time to take any new clients

Fish feeding when booked in with other pets

No charge

Horses in paddocks OR birds in aviaries

To be quoted at time of booking

Exotic Parrots

$44 per visit (up to 2 cages)

Nominated time of day visits

(does not apply if 2 visits per day are booked in)

$11 extra per visit

Home security check (No Pets)

$33 per visit

Watering outside pots/garden bed/balcony at time of service

$16.50 per 15 minute blocks

Watering as a sole service (No Pets)

$55 for the first 1/2 hour. $77 for 1 hour

Cleaning of Kitty Litter trays

No Charge

Poop Scooping at time of service visit

From $5.50 - $16.50

Poop Scooping as a sole service

$55 for 1/2 hour. $77 for 1 hour

Cage cleaning at time of service visit

$16.50 per 15 minutes

Insulin injections

$11 per visit extra

Walk 1 dog at time of service visit

$16.50 per 15 minutes + $5.50 for each extra dog

Walk 1 dog as a sole service

Walk 2 dogs as a sole service

$55 for 1/2 hour. $77 for 1 hour

$66 for 1/2 hour. $88 for 1 hour

Key pick up or drop off


Pet transportation to visit a vet while in our care

$66 for each return trip plus vet and any medication costs. This service is not timed.

Pet transportation to a vet’s appointment as a sole service


Picked up from Kennels and taken home


Lawn mowing

$66 for 1/2 hour. $88 for 1 hour

A trip to the local shop for extra food or Post Office to pick up parcels

$33 plus cost of food

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer or Cash.

All jobs are quoted first and payment is required before commencement of services.

Any unquoted services required during your absence (e.g. extra food or vet visit) must be paid within 14 days of your return.

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