Customer Testimonals

Hi, just want to thank you for the great job you did with the furkids, especially Tilley. She was waiting in the window when I got home and didn't run and hide at all! Such a credit to your patience and perseverance. Of course Opi was a nutter and immediately showed me his new trick of running up your back. He's such a brat. Again, thanks heaps! Margaret.

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for taking such good care of Millie and Mollie and for managing Mollie's injections while we were away. They were happy and relaxed cats when we got home which was lovely to see and it will certainly make it easier for us to make decisions about going away in future. Special thanks also to Bruce for persevering with the dodgy door lock - which we will get fixed ASAP. Thanks again and kind regards, Kiley.

Hello Bruce and Anezka, Thank you for caring for Loki and Newton while we were away. We are really happy with the way they were so relaxed and well looked after. Previous times we've been away they have stopped eating or fought. So it was nice to see them looking good and eating. Sorry about the mess they left on the carpets and study - they are really naughty that way and I'm not sure what to do about it except cover everything in plastic! Thank you for your professionalism and care - we'll definitely be in touch next time we're away. - Gen


Dear Bruce and Anezka, Thanks so much for the great job with Tammi and Sandi. Tammi was thrilled to see us and looked well cared for. We arrived home late and Tammi was doing cartwheels. It was great to read your report and know what they had been up to. Sandi would not talk to us for a few days but that is normal for him - he likes to pay us back for leaving! It was so good to go away and feel that the animals were in safe hands. - Cherie, Wayne and Emilie


Hello Bruce and Anezka, Daniel and I would like to say thank you for looking after our gorgeous darlings while we were away. We were very happy with your service and would feel comfortable contacting you again next time we go away. - Mishell


Hi Anezka and Bruce, We're a bit slow off the mark but we just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job of looking after our wayward Rosie and our home while we were away recently.Hope you are both well and we look forward to using your services next time we go away. Kind regards Marilyn & Steward


Hi Bruce and Anezka, Thanks for the photos.They're both happy and well. Thanks for all the good care while we were away. Be in touch in November, if not before, to finalise December arrangements. All the best, John


Thanks for looking after the boys - all looking good, and getting used to having the older boys back again. Thanks again Helen


Hello Bruce and Anezka, I just want to say how wrapped I was of the care you provided Mocha while I was away. I am thoroughly happy with his spirit upon my return. Thanks. I will be sure to look you up in the future and recommend you to others. Kindest regards, Wendy.


Anezka and Bruce, Our collection of parrots, guinea pigs and the rabbit are often a challenge when we try to attend events some distance from home, or wish to take a holiday. This challenge is no longer an issue for us since finding your service. Your warm and thorough approach in caring for our extended family recently was appreciated and we will have no hesitation in recommending your professional and friendly service to others. Thank you again. Sylvia & Randy


Hi Anezka and Bruce, We arrived home yesterday from our trip and have read the pet diary you left for us. It was very cute. Yes, you can use the pictures of Tilly and Red in your advertisements - I would love to see them also. The dogs seem very well looked after and we are very happy with your service. Will definitely not hesitate to use your services again. Kind regards and many thanks, Michelle and Daniel


Hello Bruce and Anezka, Thank you so much for looking after our animals so well. They were all so happy, healthy and contented when we arrived home. Please don’t worry about Archie being so timid, that’s just Archie. He has always been that way but if he didn’t trust or like you, he would have barked madly at you (and then run away!!) Kind regards, Jenny


Hi Bruce and Anezka, Thank you for taking care of Poppet and Buster last Monday night. I read the pet diary and I smiled. Buster and Poppet both warmed to you. Buster likes to be close; he is a very affectionate dog; little Pop is too but she like her space. Bruce I hope you had all you needed. Let me know if there is anything else you need to make your o’night stay comfortable. Thanks again. Anne-Marie


Dear Anezka and Bruce, Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my garden and for your professional attitude to the tasks you undertake. Hope you have a nice break this Easter. Regards, Ella


Dear Bruce and Anezka We are writing to say how delighted we are with the service you provided, minding our precious and ageing Samoyds, whilst we were on a short break recently. It was a relief to find them in good health when we returned. The personal care you provided in their own environment ensured they were in good shape when we returned. Sorry about the ‘accidents’ by Jaffa. Thanks for taking care of his untimely deposits. Thank you also for the ‘blow by blow’ reports. Such things give us confidence that we engaged the right people to look after them. We would have no hesitation in recommending your service to our friends and indeed we have done so already. Yours Sincerely, Wal and Kay


Dear Anezka and Bruce, I love the photos--I will send them to Cherie--Tammie's owner to have a look as well. Many thanks for taking them and sending them to us. It is great to know that someone looks after them who really appreciates their individual personalities--we love them but then we may be a little biased?! Thanks Alison


Hi Anezka and Bruce, Just a quick note to thank you for looking after the parrots so well while we were away. They look great and it is peace of mind knowing they are OK while we’re gone. Jill


Hi There, Just wanted to say thank you for looking after Diesel and Cookie so well while we were on holidays. I have used other pet minding services before but you guys have been the best so far. Diesel is as happy as he normally is and looks like he hasn’t missed out on anything. The elusive Cookie was waiting at the door for us when we got home but looks well and content. Thanks again – I will be using your services in the future Kind Regards, Bec


Hi Guys, We just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after Millie and Lucy while we were away on the weekend. It was lovely to get your text saying they were doing well. That enabled me to relax and enjoy the weekend instead of feeling guilty and anxious. The diary was also fantastic! We look forward to now being able to have a few more short trips away during the year, knowing that we’ve found the right people to look after the girls. Many thanks, Yvette and Sam


Dear Anezka, Please thank the carer who looked after our animals between the 19th and 26th December. She did a fantastic job, we especially appreciated the diary. We would happily recommend all animal minding to our family and friends. Thank you again, Melinda and Dave


Hi Anezka, Bruce and Sam, Now that we have settled back in at home, we just wanted to thank you for caring for our cats, while we were away over Christmas and New Year. Sam obviously did a great job, as all three were very happy and content when we arrived home. It was also reassuring to read Sam's diary notes about each of her visits. Again many thanks, Christopher and Joel


Hi Anezka and Bruce, Thanks so much for taking such good care of the animals. Everything was in order when I got back and the cats in good shape. I really appreciated the notes you left too. A good service and I will certainly be using it again. All the best, Jacqui


Dear Anezka and Bruce, Thanks very much for taking such good care of my place and my cat Raga over the Xmas/NY break. The plants and the cats all looked very healthy from their experience. I look forward to utilising your services again. Sincerely, Gregory


Hi Anezka and Bruce Thank you both so much for your work in feeding our pets and providing us with feedback along the way. Also, the daily log was much appreciated. We are really impressed with your entire professional approach and the attention to detail is something you should feel very proud of. It is awesome to have such confidence in people when you are away; it really takes the worry out of the equation. Many thanks, Brett and Melissa


Hi Bruce and Anezka, Thanks very much for minding our animals whilst we were in Bali. We're sorry that you had a bit of a rough time with the sick chook and the cats vomiting. We should have let you know that the cats do that all the time and it's nothing to worry about (next time we'll just leave them in the ensuite and run). It's reassuring knowing that you let us know as soon as there's a problem. The dogs, cats, pigs and rest of the chooks all looked very well when we got home. Anyway, thanks again. Anthony and Sophie


Hi Bruce and Anezka Congratulations on your nomination for the Australian Small Business Champion Award. Well done, you deserve it. Kind regards, Wal and Kay and Toby


Hi Bruce and Anezka, Thank you again for the wonderful service, above and beyond, eg the bins and tomatoes. Cats were happy to see us. I will contact you soon re the dates for February and March. Regards, Helen.


Hi Bruce and Anezka, Just want to say thankyou very much for the great care you took of Lily, Gus and Abbie (taking Abbie on walks was really going beyond the call of duty... but much appreciated). The way you managed the situation when Gus started limping was excellent and gives me great confidence in leaving the dogs in your care. The daily note sheet also was very good, and I really liked being able to read how they were basically responding on each day. The trip was great, and it was wonderful coming home to our very happy and healthy looking dogs. Thanks again for your excellent care. We'll definitely be using your services again. All the best, John and Sally


We are very happy with the service All Animal Minding Services & Sue provided for Clyde, Macey, fish & birds over the Christmas break. The daily write up's are an excellent idea - well done! Caroline


Hi Bruce and Anezka, Thank you for the great care that was provided to our dogs by Amanda. We returned to three very happy and well looked after family members and we appreciated the daily report that was left for us. The updates via text messages on the dog’s wellbeing whilst we were away gave us all great comfort and we were able to relax and enjoy our family holiday knowing they were being cared for by a service that had their welfare in mind as well as our piece of mind. I would happily recommend your service to others and we will certainly look to your service to provide care for our dogs in the future. Kind regards, Dianne, David, Chester, Maddie, and Bronson