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Making your pets a part of your Wedding Day..


Pets At Your Wedding

As you think about who will be with you on your Wedding Day

those who are closest to you are likely the first to come to mind.

For many that includes a family pet.

That's why for more and more couples today it only makes sense to consider including them in the Wedding activities. 

Pets can provide another aspect to the day, and subsequently to your photographs

creating memories and moments that last forever.

Imagine arriving on your pet horse to the Wedding Ceremony or galloping away after the nuptials are concluded.

All Animal Minding Service can have your horse professionally groomed and delivered to your Wedding location.

There are many ways any pet can participate at your wedding

Buckley as ring bearer

Dogs make great ring bearers.

Birds in decorative cages positioned at the altar.

If taking part at your wedding is not what you choose for your pet’s involvement then

consider having them attend the Wedding Photography session only.

Animals create excellent photographic opportunities.

Whether it is when you’re getting ready or during the actual ceremony

pets can add a measure of spontaneity and fun to the photographs.

You may not want to impose on your wedding guests to mind your pets during the Wedding procedures

including poop scooping if required.

All Animal Minding Service and their professional and experienced attitude towards all animals

may be crucial to making your Wedding Day with your pets run as smoothly as possible.

Whether your pet’s role is big or small, the most important consideration is that he/she is comfortable at all times.

Making this experience as enjoyable for them as it will be for you is our number one priority.

We offer to have your pets groomed by professional Grooming Services to make sure your pet looks its best

on your special day or you can groom them yourself.

Choose one of our three Packages specially designed for individual needs which cover all pets

from the smallest to the largest.

The Koala Package: For people with pet Horses or Alpacas only.

This is a Deluxe Package to enable pet Horses or Alpacas to take part in the Wedding Ceremony

and the Wedding Photography.

The Possum Package: Is for any pet that will require grooming and taking part in the Wedding Ceremony

as well as Wedding Photography Session.

The Echidna Package: Is designed especially for clients with pets that do not require grooming.

These pets can also take part in the actual Wedding and the Photography Session.

All Packages can be adjusted to your needs.


Robyn & Kylie with Buckley Buckley

Kylie and I would love to thank you for your wonderful and professional service on the day and ofcourse in the planning process.

We were so pleased to have Buckley included in our special day as he is part of our family, and to have no stress placed on a family member or friend. Also, the confidence in knowing that Buckley was in experienced and capable hands was priceless.

We cannot express our gratitude enough as to how well you assisted us on such an important occasion, especially when all Buckley wanted was to be in our arms you managed to keep him calm and happy.

The note summarizing the day, Buckley's behaviour and the fact that you stayed and played with him once you dropped him home to help him settle was delightful and is now part of our keepsake box.

We highly recommend your service to others and will definitely keep you in mind should we require a care taker or any of your many services in the future.

Much love and appreciation

Robyn and Kylie


Dave & Sharyn with Keldie, Dougie & Cazna Dave & Sharyn with Keldie

Good morning Bruce & Anezka.

I know Dave emailed you some pics last night, but I wanted to write to say thank you very much for looking after our pups the day of our Wedding. We are so so pleased with your efforts and keeping the dogs under control. They looked like they were having a good time as well, which is very important to me. We couldn't have asked for nicer people to care for them.

We haven't seen the professional photos as yet, but what my buddy had taken was great. I will definitely send you the pro pics when we get them.

The day was exactly what I had hoped for with the pups. Keldie did a great job walking up the isle and Caz and Doug were calm and great.

What you did with caring for the pups, taking them to the rehearsals so they were slightly familiar with the location the day before and feeding them etc after the Wedding was stella.

My feedback is 100% positive.

Before I had actually met you, I did mention I thought the price was a bit expensive, but seeing what you offered during rehearsals and on the actual day, I do take this back. I thought what you offered was well worth the money.

So thank you very much for your help. I couldn't have expected or asked for more or a nicer couple.

If you need to pass my number as a reference, please do so.

Kindest regards, Sharyn.

The following are some lovely photos of yet another 3 successful Pets At Your Wedding bookings this year - 2016.

Jazz made a beautiful flower girl


Benjie and Bonnie surprised us all with their great behaviour and charm on the day.

Benjie and Bonnie

Kobe enjoyed a bath first and then was very happy to sit on a stool during the ceremony.


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