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Helpful Hints

Choose a pet-friendly venue for the ceremony.

Make sure the venue you do choose allows pets.

Let your Photographer know that your pet is to be included in the Wedding or the wedding photos

 as he/she might have to include extra time.

Whether you want to let your guests know about your pets taking part in your wedding is up to you…

if you do, a nice way might be in their wedding invitations.

However it is important to let anyone you have hired like the Wedding Celebrant know beforehand.

We are able to recommend Wedding Photographers that are happy to work with pets.

Decide how you would like your pets to be involved on your special day

keeping in mind your pet's temperament and abilities.

If your puppy is just starting to learn how to sit

it's not fair to expect him to trot up to the altar with a pillow bearing the rings. 


Baker Wedding   Kerr Wedding 

Like any trick or new behaviour, your wedding routine needs to be rehearsed and practiced with your pet.

Take it slowly and keep it positive.

If your pet is going to be wearing a new item like a bow tie collar or a ring pillow

put it on several times before the actual event.

 Offer treats and praise even for just wearing the new item.

If you can, practice a few times in the actual location so your pet will be more familiar

with what will be asked of him/her on the day.

But above all be flexible.

No matter how well you plan it something may not work out exactly as you planned it.

Especially with your pet involve.

Be prepared for scenarios like your pet getting stage fright or

getting over excited at all the attention he/she might be receiving.

This however might not be as disastrous as it first might appear

rather an opportunity to capture some very unusually cute or unique photographs.


Pets at your Wedding

Of course some pets at weddings might turn out to be better behaved than the human wedding guests!

Our Pet Packages are flexible and we are happy to take time

to make sure your pets feel comfortable with us and to make sure your expectations on the day are met.



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