Pets at Your Wedding

Professional support for you and your pet on your wedding day

Including Your Pet

As you think about who will be with you on your Wedding Day those who are closest to you are likely the first to come to mind. For many that includes a family pet.

Our Service

All Animal Minding Service and their professional and experienced attitude towards all animals may be crucial to making your Wedding Day with your pets run as smoothly as possible. Whether your pet's role is big or small, the most important consideration is that they are comfortable at all times.

Making this experience as enjoyable for them as it will be for you is our number one priority.

What's Included

Getting to Know You

Obligation free meeting where we get to meet you and your pet and discuss details of your big day.

Wedding Day

All Animal Minding Service will take care of your pet's schedule on your wedding day

  • Transport for your pet to the wedding location
  • All of your pet's needs will be taken care of before, during and after the wedding ceremony
  • Support you and your photographer to achieve the best photos of you with your pet
  • After the photo session, transport back home where they will get food, water, lots of cuddles and settled into the comfort of their own environment.