Pets at Your Wedding Packages

Small Animals Standard

This package is designed especially for clients with pets that do not require grooming but will still be taking part in the ceremony or photography session

What’s Included

Getting to Know You

Included in this package are 2 interviews

  • The first to meet us where all procedures will be explained in detail
  • The second interview will be at the wedding venue 2 weeks prior to the date of event

Before the Wedding

To make sure that your pet is comfortable on the wedding day, we will attend the wedding rehearsal and walk through the day with you and your pet

Wedding Day

All Animal Minding Service will take care of your pet’s schedule on your wedding day

  • Transport for your pet to the wedding location
  • All of your pet’s needs will be taken care of before, during and after the wedding ceremony
  • Support you and your Photographer to achieve the best photos of you with your pet
  • After the photo session, transport back home where they will get food, water, lots of cuddles and settled into the comfort of their own environment